New digital services for more efficient procurement

“The customer portal creates full transparency for all relevant data,” says Dr. Stefan Girschik, CEO of the Meraxis Group. “The clearly structured user interface gives our customers access to all orders at a glance, including planned delivery times, contracts, documents and invoices, current price developments and the right contact person.” The portal also shows customers their monthly raw material consumption, as well as the volumes that are still open in the period leading up to the contract end date.

Meraxis is one of the first plastics distributors to offer its customers this sort of customer portal. “Naturally, there are major producers in the industry who sell their own raw materials exclusively with the help of digital solutions. As a trader in the value chain, however, we can offer a broad product portfolio from various manufacturers. This includes both prime and recycled materials in various price categories and qualities,” adds Girschik.

The new service is already being used by numerous Meraxis business partners. “I think that the fact that order information and the related documents are always available in one location at the touch of a button makes things a lot easier and saves time into the bargain,” says Christian Riechmann, Lead Buyer at Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte, Europe's leading manufacturer of household film and paper. “In addition, we now no longer need to research the current monomer contract prices, as the latest prices can always be accessed on the new platform in a clear overview.” By the end of next year, 80 percent of Meraxis customers are to have their own account. “It goes without saying that we will continue to develop the Customer Portal on an ongoing basis,” says Michael Grysczyk, who is responsible for digitalization at Meraxis. “We are already working on new ideas: in the future, we aim to allow our partners to plan orders weeks or months in advance, for example.”

For customers who want to automate their orders in the future, the “Ordering 4.0” solution has been developed to allow for automated silo management. Current raw materials levels in silos are measured using sensors and a digital interface, and the data is then transmitted to Meraxis. Raw materials are then automatically reordered as and when required. Intelligent ordering reduces the average inventory of stored raw materials, resulting in lower expenses and capital costs for customers.

Digital solutions like these are being created in the "Meraxis Elevator" innovation ecosystem: working hand-in-hand with customers, suppliers and other partners, such as the INC Invention Center at RWTH Aachen University, Meraxis is making targeted efforts to forge ahead with digital services in the polymer processing industry value chain in order to optimize ordering processes and reduce process and logistics costs, among other things. “Digitalization in the polymer industry still offers a lot of potential. We at Meraxis have set ourselves the objective of exploiting this potential to the full in order to establish more efficient and also completely new business models,” says Girschik. “We have laid an important foundation stone in this quest with the customer portal and Ordering 4.0.”

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