Whistleblowing System

Employees as well as third parties can address possible compliance infringements by using our Whistleblowing System (MERAXIS Compliance Communication System -CoCoS), which is web based and respects the highest standards of data protection and data security Home - BKMS System (bkms-system.ch

In particular, the following can be reported:

  • Non-compliance or threatened non-compliance with MERAXIS internal compliance re­quire­ments (MERAXIS Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct) 
  • Non-compliance or threatened non-compliance with legal re­quire­ments
  • Complaints or information on all human rights and environmental risks or breeches of duty

Reports received through the system go directly to Group and MERAXIS Compliance and are treated with the highest priority and in strict confidence. The CoCoS system can be used to report any information related to compliance violations.

Reports can also be submitted by post and via email.


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Details on how to submit a report can be found in the procedure for the MERAXIS whistleblower system below.


Procedure for the MERAXIS Whistleblower System - EN

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Règlement de procédure du système d'alerte - FR

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