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Meraxis merges the REHAU Group's materials purchasing for production materials, investment goods and bought-in parts and the worldwide distribution business of MB Barter & Trading.
With this new trading company, we bring a breath of fresh air into the polymer industry and break through boundaries. With innovative, customer-oriented material concepts and tailor-made polymer solutions, we help you stay ahead of your competition and contribute to your business success.

Meraxis unites the strengths of two experienced and successful companies: Combining know-how in the areas of logistics, trading and distribution and expertise in materials and products.

What does Meraxis mean?
Meraxis is the combination of the word components "mer" and "axis". Meros (ancient Greek: part/contribution), coming from polymeros, means that we are part of the global polymer market, which we dynamically shape through our expertise in polymer-related products and our unique distribution know-how. After all, polymers are the source of the decades of expertise of both companies. Axis (connection) stands for the combination of the competencies to form an even stronger and more diverse network, which has been created by our merger.

Our commitments for working together:
Trade. We supply the right product reliably.
Create. We think in tailor-made solutions.
Elevate. We redefine boundaries.

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Deep values, deep commitment.


We engage in trusting partnerships. Mutual respect, a collaborative spirit as well as open and sincere communication are the anchors of any successful venture. Integrity and ethical principles steer our daily conduct – towards our colleagues, customers, partners and society at large.


We keep our promises. We take pride in our ability to deliver the best results. In all our daily interactions we seek to be credible and accountable, respond quickly, and supply superior value. To all our colleagues, partners and stakeholders we offer something unique: total confidence in our results.


Innovation is what drives us. And change is as unpredictable as it is inevitable. Fostering an entrepreneurial, creative and diverse company culture is indispensable to future-oriented thinking. By relentlessly pushing our limits, we conquer new territories and produce trailblazing solutions.

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Deep learning, deep thinking.

As an innovative pioneer in the polymer industry, we boost the market with advanced service and business models in the areas of logistics, trading and distribution. Trends like digitalisation and recycling are part of our company identity.

Disruptive changes require us to be ready to learn and rethink. Meraxis doesn’t react but acts in the constantly changing market as a player with progressive strategies and an agile approach to break established structures. To do this, we rely on constructive cooperation, we think outside the box, and we dare to question things when necessary.

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Deep collaboration, deep alliance.

Meraxis connects the key players in the polymer industry and acts as an internationally oriented hub for the distribution of technically high-quality, high-performance polymer products. We develop tailored concepts in our purchasing and distribution network – ranging from the procurement of high-quality raw materials, to financial consulting.

We rely on an open dialogue to find out what our producers, supply partners and customers really need. We focus on the needs of our partners and work together with them in trusting partnerships. We both encourage and demand sustainable collaboration.

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Deep awareness, deep responsibility.

We think in holistic approaches and act sustainably. This applies to our selection of raw materials just as much as it does to the collaboration with our customers and suppliers. We invest our expertise into sustainable solutions, new value chains and farsighted business models.

We implement concepts for a functioning circular economy that involves all players and that they can all benefit from. By offering recycled products and one-stop concepts to name only one example, we create an eco-friendly circular economy, but also an economically sustainable one.

The three board members

Deep experience, deep progressivity.

The three board members

Dr. Stefan Girschik

CEO Meraxis Group

Philipp Endres

Deputy CEO Meraxis Group

Marco Zahnd

CFO Meraxis Group

Our vision. 

We operate and deliver reliably, tailor our solutions to your needs, and constantly redefine the limits of what is possible.


Deep expertise, deep procurement.

Whether it’s standard polymers (commodities), polymer-related premium compounds, technical polymers or recyclates – we provide high-performing polymers and compounds for all conventional plastic processing procedures, from extrusion to injection moulding.

Each industry has its own specific requirements, but all industries have the same demand: polymer-related products and systems that function reliably and add value in all aspects and applications. Therefore Meraxis is the perfect partner.

Markets and Industries

Industrial Solutions

Thanks to our diverse portfolio and large network of supply partners, we can find the perfect polymer-related solutions for your specific applications. Of course, we provide everything from one source – whether it be for the furniture or the consumer goods industry, injection moulding or extrusion processes, new top-quality premium goods or specific solutions made from recycled plastics.

We help you to choose a suitable raw material and solution for your field of activity.


From high performance, to specific logistics concepts and certifications, we know the requirements of the automotive industry. Therefore, you can rely on us to supply the perfect raw material for you and to provide tailored distribution and transport solutions.

Construction Industry

For special requirements we also provide special solutions in the form of durable and resistant polymers. Our range of products for the construction industry includes both premium materials and recyclates.


From food packaging to films, we offer an extensive range of commodities and recyclates suitable for a wide variety of purposes and applications. As a result, we can ensure a high availability of standard polymers.

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