Industries: from A to P

Each industry has its own laws. It’s a good thing then that we’re at home (almost) everywhere in the polymer industry. With our strategic partners and wealth of experience, we know what matters in the automotive, construction, industry and packaging sectors. 50 years product reliability? That’s a sign of quality in the construction sector. Want to reduce the component weight by half a gram and the cycle time by a tenth of a second? Members of the packaging industry are paying attention. And in between are the manufacturers of technical components, where each individual product is different. We understand them all. Because there’s a world of difference between a garden hose and bumper components.

Produktionsstraße von Autos

Au­to­mo­tive: from the engine compartment to the exterior

Just-in-sequence – can do! Chromium-plated or painted parts, tools, raw materials, injection molded parts. The automobile industry places specific demands on logistics, supply chain and certification. Meraxis speaks fluent automotive. 

Fensterprofile in der Seitenansicht

Construction industry: from fittings to window profiles

Buildings need to be long-lasting – just as much as what’s inside them. And that also applies to everything that’s constructed underground. Polymers and components for pipes, windows and drainage also need to withstand aging for decades, as do the elements for under-floor heating. We are happy to advise you on the right materials to use – either prime quality or with customer-specific recyclates.

Industrial solutions
Mehrere Platten aus unterschiedlichen Materialien hintereinander

Industrial solutions: from furniture-making to traffic systems

The variety of our portfolio really kicks in here. We may not supply everything but we will supply exactly what you’re looking for on request - from galvanized ABS to crystal-clear PC to high-rigidity POM. And on top of that, recyclates, compounds, additives and master batches.

Creme wird aus einer Maschine in eine Dose gefüllt

Packaging: from food to cosmetics

Packaging is as multifaceted as a chameleon. It has to protect its contents from a variety of conditions, it needs to be either almost invisible and lightweight - or visually attractive to draw the buyer’s attention. We supply our packaging customers with raw materials for the complete product range. Continuous innovations in development, manufacturing process and logistics are typical for the industry. Together with our packaging customers, we are driving the circular economy forward with sustainable solutions.