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Ordering 4.0 - Digital VMI made by Meraxis!

What is Ordering 4.0?

Meraxis Ordering 4.0

We want to take the next step into the future of digital procurement - and take you with us! Our digital VMI solution Ordering 4.0 helps you reduce effort and process costs, optimizes your inventories and even reduces your risk of failure. And with our VMI calculator, you can directly calculate your savings potential. Interested? Get in touch with us!

Your benefits with our VMI solution

Reduced Capital Costs
Reduced Risk of Default
Optimized Inventories

What our customers say about our digital VMI solution

"Process reliability is the be-all and end-all for us. Thanks to Ordering 4.0, not only is a constant flow of materials guaranteed, but we also benefit from enormous savings in effort and time."

Stefan Watzlawek, Managing Director (COO), WEMAS Absperrtechnik GmbH

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