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Sustainability and CSR
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We live and breathe sustainability

Polymer processing and the circular economy belong together – precisely because plastics are so long-lasting. Their intelligent use and optimal re-use are very important to us as a company. We believe that this will be crucial for the future of society and we are resolutely working on promoting this. Our focus in this is on supplementing conventional materials with recycling innovation. We have our own research and development capacities to enable us to advise our customers to the best of our abilities. We rely on strategic partnerships to help us shape the polymer world of tomorrow together.

Sustainable portfolio

Recyclates & Biopolymers

By using recycled materials or biopolymers that are either biologically derived or even biodegradable, converters can make their products more sustainable. As a distributor, we work with partners around the world. This enables us to ensure consistent quality and availability of these materials. Only when quality and availability are assured can we, together with our suppliers and customers, continue to increase the proportion of sustainable materials in products.

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Sustainability as a Service

Sustainable solutions for our partners

We take a more holistic view of sustainability. Not only do we offer sustainable materials, but we also support our partners with services to help them become more sustainable. We provide focused advice to processing companies on how to switch from virgin to recyclates. Thanks to our decades of experience in plastics processing, we can rely on comprehensive application know-how. We also develop solutions for more transparency in the value chain: our CO2 footprint tool enables our customers to select the lowest-emission material and creates alternatives in material selection. Together, we are helping to close the material loop.

Ecology, Economy & Social




Our focus areas

We are committed to the 17 sustainable development goals which the UN defined in their agenda for 2030. This roadmap for the future is intended to establish global guidelines to enable a decent life and at the same time conserve the natural bases of life on a sustained basis. We have set our sights on five focus points towards which we wish to orient ourselves in our activities related to sustainability.

Value-oriented growth

As a family-run company, we are oriented towards long-term goals. We stand for sustainable growth and we align our strategy and everything we do towards this objective. This also applies to the partnerships we enter into to achieve our aims. Offering our employees long-term prospects and safe surroundings is also of great importance to us.

Innovation through digitalization

Innovation is a central value built into our DNA. We want to be able to offer the solutions for tomorrow’s problems today. To do this, we’re utilizing the possibilities of digitalization to revolutionize the polymer trade, among other things. 

Breaking down inequalities

Conditions should be equally fair for everyone. That’s what we stand for. We support diversity – no matter what kind – both in our employees and in our partners.

Promoting the circular economy

We want to advance the circular economy and – together with our partners – to supplement conventional materials with recyclates wherever possible. We are absolutely convinced that a functioning circular economy is an essential key to more sustainability. We must all work on this together.

Partnerships to accomplish our goals

Cooperation is a key issue for us, because together we can achieve more. In addition to prestigious high schools and research institutes, we also collaborate with companies and other significant stakeholders. This makes it possible to pool the competences of individuals to collectively create added values.


As a family-owned company, we are deeply committed to integrity and sustainability. This is just as true inside our company – in the form of binding values and rules of conduct for all our employees globally – as it is in our dealings with our business partners. These are all set down in writing in our Code of Conduct.  

We rigorously reject all forms of corruption, antitrust violations, money laundering, non-compliance with environmental regulations or other illegal conduct. We have also created an option for reporting breaches of compliance using a web-based tool. These notifications are naturally treated as confidential and the tool can be used both by employees and third parties. 

Meraxis Code of Conduct

Meraxis Anti-Corruption Guidelines

Meraxis Compliance Reporting System