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Meraxis adds functions in its Customer Portal

Muri b. Bern/Switzerland, January 26, 2022 - The Swiss trading group Meraxis has further expanded its digital customer portal for the procurement of prime and recycled materials: Effective immediately, customers can send material requests and place and manage their orders directly in the "Meraxis Customer Portal".

"The digital solution significantly simplifies the entire procurement process for our customers and, above all, saves them valuable time," says Michael Grysczyk, Head of Digital & Disruptive Business at Meraxis. "The portal can be accessed around the clock, giving buyers the flexibility they need in their day-to-day work. Of course, our professional sales consultants are still available to all customers."

Meraxis is one of the first plastics distributors to offer such a customer portal. Here, users get a 360° overview of current and past material requests, offers, and orders. In addition, delivery times, delivery statuses, documents, invoices and payment statuses are displayed. Buyers can create new requests in a few steps. For this purpose, older inquiries can be copied and adapted if necessary. The central portal also provides access to up-to-date market data and raw material price developments.

"Our customer portal bundles all relevant data and documents and thus creates full transparency," says Oliver Zehnder, product manager for the customer portal. "For longer-term contracts, the digital platform also shows our customers their monthly raw material consumption and the volumes still open until the end of the contract." Meraxis is continuously working on the further development of its digital services. Last year, the company launched its digital VMI (vendor-managed inventory) solution "Ordering 4.0". This makes it possible to automate order call-offs and optimize warehouse management.

Meraxis creates digital solutions in its innovation network "Meraxis Elevator". Together with customers, suppliers, and other partners, such as the INC Invention Center, Meraxis is working on digital services in the value chain of the polymer processing industry. The aim is to optimize ordering processes and reduce process and logistics costs, for example. "Especially in the current market situation, where prices are fluctuating and materials are in short supply, digital systems are essential for plastics processors," emphasizes Grysczyk. "Only those who maintain an overview at all times can make sound decisions and act quickly. This applies not only to procurement but also to warehousing and logistics. Digital services are also in demand when it comes to making the carbon footprint transparent and improving it. In the Meraxis Elevator, it is important to us to develop practical and holistic solutions."

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