Excellent ratings for delivery reliability and flexible services

The procurement of raw materials is our core business by nature. Although customers from different industries require different materials, it is not surprising that most participants indicate a high demand for standard polymers such as PE, PP and PET in particular. However, recyclates are also becoming increasingly popular. Many polymer processors are using R-PE, R-PP and R-PET in especially as an alternative to primeware. More than 80% of respondents said that the portfolio of sustainable products was rather important to very important for them. For us, this trend confirms our path. Meraxis has always been committed to driving a functioning circular economy and promotes resource-efficient material alternatives. We continue to expand our portfolio of recycled, recyclable and even bio-based polymers. In this way, we are supporting our customers to tackle the challenges of the coming years. According to more than half of the respondents, the increasing consumer demand for sustainable products will be one of the biggest challenges; just under half also cited regulations such as the recycling quota.

The most frequently cited challenge: 75% said they were concerned about shortages of raw materials. With a broad, global procurement network, Meraxis is best positioned to compensate for any upcoming shortages. Our global locations and cooperation with reliable partners around the world ensure optimal material availability. In addition to our presence in local procurement markets, our warehouse locations at important hubs, such as Rotterdam, as well as alternative transport routes are a decisive advantage. Meraxis thus remains flexible for its customers – even when traffic jams occur outside Chinese ports or on important shipping routes. Almost half of the respondents expect that such transport bottlenecks will continue to determine industry and trade in the coming years. That is why we are already helping our customers to optimize their supply chains with our distribution, logistics and supply chain management services and the development of digital solutions for the most transparent and resilient supply chain possible.

The results of the survey confirm that we not only know our customers' challenges very well, but also develop the right solutions. It is not only thanks to our business model as a one-stop shop with a globalized and digitalized supply chain, but also thanks to our dedicated and experienced Meraxis team that we received top marks for delivery reliability and dependability, flexibility and customer service. We are extremely pleased that the feedback has been so positive. It is enormously important for us to learn more about our customers' situation and expectations. Thanks to such insights and direct feedback, we can continue to develop our one-stop shop in line with re­quire­ments – and always get a bit better.

We would like to thank all participants for their feedback.