Ordering 4.0: No more manual ordering

For customers that want to automate their orders in the future, we have developed the «Ordering 4.0» solution. This solution significantly increases our customers' efficiency, enhances process reliability and minimizes the risk of downtime.

19 Oktober 2021

Meraxis now offers customers a simplified digital inventory management system – «Ordering 4.0». The system exchanges data about fill and material levels between us and our customers. This is possible, for example, via sensors in our customers’ raw material silos that measure current fill levels and transmit them to Meraxis via a digital interface. If necessary, raw materials are then automatically reordered on the basis of previously jointly defined parameters. Intelligent ordering optimizes stocks and delivery cycles, which in turn reduces our customers efforts and increases process reliability. 

Our new logistics service is implemented in companies as follows: As a first step, our logistics experts check the relevant information and requirements with our customers, e.g. available storage space for material and the size or number of silos, as well as the existing measurement technology. If necessary, we install the sensor technology at the corresponding silos. Once the digital connection has been installed and all framework conditions have been clarified on both sides, the data transfer begins right away. We then check our customers’ fill levels in real time and start making the necessary deliveries.

This way, our logistics specialists ensure that Meraxis customers never run out of stock and always have an optimized inventory. Our customer portal gives them full transparency at all times about planned and executed deliveries.

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