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Our vision for digital transformation

"Meraxis is proactively shaping the digital transformation within the polymer value chain by rethinking the traditional trade business and making it more efficient and innovative together with our partners."

Our vision for digital transformation
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How we want this vision to become a reality

Digital and disruptive business models are an integral element of our sustainable philosophy and activities. We’re focusing on our four core competencies (material, trade, logistics and financing competencies) which we’re elevating to a more innovative level by means of digitization. By 2025, we will be generating more than 75% of our revenue via digital sales channels with our product and service portfolios. We launched the Meraxis Elevator to realize this vision. The Meraxis Elevator is our innovation network, driving forward digitalization within the polymer value-creation chain together with selected partners.

Our focus fields
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Connected Supply Chain Solutions

Transparent supply chains, more efficient data and document exchange, process simplification for sales, procurement and logistics, and keeping working capital as lean as possible – these form our conception of a connected supply chain. Our new digital services, such as the Meraxis Customer Portal and Ordering 4.0 or EDI connections, are just the beginning of our mission.

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Customer Portal

Ordering 4.0

Our focus fields
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Digital Material Solutions

The appearance and feel, the chemical and mechanical properties as well as the price all play a role in the selection of the polymer for your application. Other factors come into play with recycling materials, such as long-term availability, odor and assurance of consistent quality. At Meraxis, we’re taking material competence to a new level, consequently finding the matching raw material for your project even faster. And in the process, we promote – wherever possible and sensible – the use of recycling materials. 

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Our solutions

Meraxis Customer Portal

Meraxis Customer Portal

Our customer portal was developed together with our customers with the aim of making collaboration as simple and efficient as possible. In the Meraxis customer portal, you as a customer get a 360° view of your orders - including planned delivery times, delivery status, documents & invoices - as well as your contracts and contacts. You also get access to current market information and news about Meraxis. Further developments are already being planned for you. Interested? Contact us!
Our solutions

No more manual ordering? Ordering 4.0

Would you like to reduce your process costs, while at the same time saving capital costs and minimizing default risks? 

That is exactly the added value we offer our customers with our new VMI service “Ordering 4.0”. Our logistics experts optimize deliveries and stocks using connections to customer silos. As a customer, you can always keep an eye on everything via the customer portal.

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Michael Grysczyk

Manager Digital & Disruptive Business