Structural realignment and leadership change

The REHAU Group is repositioning itself. Together with the two independent subgroups Meraxis and RAUMEDIC, the companies REHAU Au­to­mo­tive, REHAU Industries and REHAU New Ventures will form the strong pillars of the REHAU Group in the future. At the same time, after more than 20 years at the helm of the REHAU Supervisory Board, Jobst Wagner will hand over the office of President to his brother Dr. Veit Wagner on July 1, 2021, and take on his brother’s current role as Vice President. Jobst Wagner's role as President of the Supervisory Board of the Meraxis Group remains unchanged. 

"Over the past over 20 years, my brother and I have steadily developed the REHAU Group and consistently set the course for a strong, globally active group of companies," said Jobst Wagner. "At the core has always been our unmistakable culture, which has, from the very beginning, distinguished us as an independent family business that prioritizes innovation, entrepreneurial freedom and customer proximity. Above all, however, our focus is on our employees, with whom we are continuing this successful path."

Dr. Veit Wagner says, "As a modern family business, we rely on change to lead the Group into a sustainably successful future. In particular, we want to make our divisions even more targeted and powerful.”

The REHAU Group is taking the next important step toward a powerful, market-oriented organization with strong, independent pillars. "The REHAU Group remains the unifying, strong umbrella for all business units: family-controlled, independent and diversified on the basis of our shared values of trust, innovation and reliability," emphasizes Dr. Veit Wagner.