Smart procurement of investment goods

Meraxis offers tools, gauges and other solutions, including article-specific load carriers in steel and plastic to ensure that your components are transported safely, for various manufacturing processes such as injection molding and extrusion. The range is complemented by a portfolio of suitable machines and systems. To this end, Meraxis works closely with selected and long-standing partners, and tool and machine manufacturers in the local markets. This also enables our medium-sized customers to procure their capital goods globally - for example in China.

The Meraxis team is constantly implementing new customer projects with its local partners, which assures several advantages in one go: We have established processes for purchasing capital goods, which means that we act efficiently, quickly, flexibly and with sound commercial and technical know-how for our customers. What’s more, the continuous procurement volume creates bundling effects that allow us to secure attractive conditions for our customers and create competitive advantages.

Meraxis can also provide technical support on request - from the initial product specification, through deadline monitoring, sampling and design testing, to tool acceptance and the start of series production. Warranties and after-sales services are also part of the service package. Unlike conventional toolmakers, Meraxis also offers additional services such as procurement market research and transport handling. Customers benefit from our experience as a global distributor, for example in international payment transactions, documentation and customs procedures.