Secure PET-Supply due to global sourcing

PET has a good reputation among consumers. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the material is used free of any questionable plasticizers; on the other hand, its almost unlimited recyclability is recognized. Recycled PET is used for the production of packaging, but also for backpacks and textiles, among other things. PET processors are dependent on a particularly stable supply of materials due to the high demand – and all the more so in light of the current shortage of raw materials and global transportation problems.

Meraxis supplies high-quality PET as well as recycled PET, so-called R-PET, all over the world. We ensure delivery capability thanks to our global partner network. This means that no matter where our customers are located, they benefit from our global procurement sources. By having a local presence in many markets, we can operate close to both customer and supplier. This also includes Meraxis having exclusive accesses to the fragmented recyclate market to supply R-PET in the desired quantity and quality. Further security is provided by our interim storage facilities at strategic locations, which can serve as a buffer in the event of emergencies, such as force majeure.

For Meraxis customers, this also results in maximum flexibility: price fluctuations on the market can be absorbed by alternative sources. Even replacing PET with R-PET is made as easy as possible for processors. This is especially possible with PET: recycled PET can replace all or part of the new PET in new packaging products. At the same time, it is completely safe for both food and beverage packaging. Meraxis supports customers as needed with expertise on materials, applications, and processing – or on switching from virgin to recycled material.