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Meraxis Impressions @K-Show 2019

Meraxis: a new global player emerging from a challenging market

The Impact of Brexit on the polymer Market

DAY 1 RECAP - Introducing Meraxis @ the K-Show 2019

Development of the Egyptian petrochemical industry

Challenges of the South African polymer market

DAY 2 RECAP - Introducing Meraxis @ the K-Show 2019

New ecosystems: digitalization in the polymer industry

Elevating polymer supply chains: digitalizing purchase & logistics

DAY 3 RECAP: Smart Digital Solutions. Meraxis Elevator

Supplying automotive: one shop for integrated solutions

Meraxis : Everything from One Global Network Sourcing

DAY 4 RECAP: Meraxis One Global Network Sourcing

Assessing strategies: challenges in the Turkish polymer

Challenges of an oversupplied PET market in Europe

DAY 5 RECAP - Meraxis Turkey & the PET Market

Polymer Recycling: Opportunity or Risk for the Plastics Industry

Circular Economy: Seizing Opportunities and Overcoming Barriers

DAY 6 RECAP - Recycling Opportunities & Circular Economy