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Meraxis Group: New global player in the polymer trade

Muri b. Bern/Switzerland, 1 July 2019 - Today, a new distributor is entering the global market for synthetic materials in the form of “Meraxis Group”. The trading group is a merger between two traditional Swiss companies with international reach, MB Barter & Trading and REHAU GmbH, the latter of which was previously responsible for the REHAU Group’s global production material purchasing. The goal of this full-service supplier is to become one of the world’s largest polymer distributors in just a few years.

With sales of more than EUR 2 billion, the new polymer supplier’s product portfolio includes classic polymers (including PE, PP, PET, PVC), engineering plastics, masterbatches (colour granulates) and recycled materials. In addition, Meraxis procures purchased parts (e.g. metal, foils, electrical) as well as machines, systems and tools for various plastics processing technologies. “Meraxis combines a global distribution and logistics network with decades of experience in the development and processing of polymers”, explains Dr. Stefan Girschik, CEO of Meraxis. “The merger now enables us to support customers around the world in the strategic sourcing of plastics and industry-specific solutions.”

Thanks to its global portfolio of supply partners, Meraxis is able to offer optimal conditions compared to its competitors. Customers from a wide variety of industries will benefit from this, whether they are in the automotive, chemical, construction, furniture or packaging sectors. “We source our products from suppliers all over the world”, adds Girschik. “This enables us to provide our customers the products they desire in an agile manner, especially in times that continue to be very volatile and ever-changing.”

In addition to trading in classic polymers, the Swiss polymer distributor likewise develops bespoke solutions to make customer production more efficient. “As a full-service provider, we not only provide advice about the selection of suitable materials for a wide variety of production processes,” explains Philipp Endres, Deputy CEO of Meraxis. “We actively take up the ideas of our customers and, working together, are constantly striving to further develop them into innovative polymer solutions.

In the future, Meraxis’ partners will also benefit from digital and forward-looking service offerings. “Digitalisation offers a multitude of opportunities to make the polymer trade more efficient and to establish new business models,” says Girschik. “As a first step, we will soon be providing our customers with helpful services via a customer portal. Additional ideas are already in the design phase.” In future, however, Meraxis not only wants to be a digital pioneer, but also wants to be a driving force in the continued development of sustainable applications. For example, recycling solutions are also an important thrust of the Meraxis strategy.

The board of directors of the new company consists of Jobst Wagner (Chairman) and Thomas Endres; management will be assumed by Dr. Stefan Girschik as CEO (formerly Deputy CEO of the REHAU Group), Philipp Endres as Deputy CEO (formerly CEO MB Barter & Trading) and Marco Zahnd as CFO (formerly CFO REHAU Switzerland).


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