Meraxis establishes independent sales company in China

"With the establishment of "Meraxis China", we are not only strengthening our presence in an enormously important market, but above all we can also build up and expand our business with Chinese partners," explains Dr. Stefan Girschik, CEO of Meraxis. Until now, our Chinese colleagues have been active in the Chinese plastics market as a local office of the Swiss headquarters. Meraxis' growing customer base in China could previously only be supplied with imports that had to be paid for in US dollars. "Our new Chinese company now enables us to conduct trade with Chinese partners in local currency and continue to grow in China," Girschik said.

Meraxis China Ltd. will be managed by Rachel Lee, Country Head China, who has been with Meraxis for 15 years.  Local sales will initially focus on polypropylene and polyethylene.In addition to expanding its intra-Chinese business, Meraxis China Ltd.'s role as a local sourcing partner will enable Chinese customers to better connect to global material sources, such as those in the U.S., Middle East or Europe.  With its worldwide partner network, Meraxis also supports the global sales of Chinese manufacturers. At the same time, customers outside China will have better access to Chinese sources.

The new company has already started work and began trading with local partners on August 6, 2021. Orders are already on hand well into September, so regular deliveries to Chinese warehouses have already begun. The Meraxis China team around Rachel Lee and Jenny Liao has been supported since September 1 by Jin Xue, who already brings several years of experience in polymer trading.