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Meraxis buys French Fournier Plastics Group

Muri near Berne/Switzerland, September 27, 2022 - Swiss polymer distributor Meraxis acquires French Fournier Plastics Group. The corresponding contracts were signed today in Berne. Subject to antitrust reviews, the purchase is expected to be completed before the end of 2022. Fournier is one of the leading distributors of standard and engineering polymers as well as additives in Western Europe and North Africa. With this acquisition, Meraxis is expanding its business regionally and extending its product and service portfolio.

“With the acquisition of Fournier Plastics Group, we are strengthening our geographic footprint in important key markets,” emphasized Dr. Stefan Girschik, CEO of Meraxis. “Together with Fournier and their partners, we can also offer a much broader product portfolio. Not only for standard polymers and additives, but especially in the engineering polymers segment. Added to this is an expanded service offering in supply chain management, research and development, and digitalization, which fits perfectly into our strategy.” Fournier specializes in engineering plastics, among other things, and thus serves various industrial sectors. Today's Fournier Plastics Group was formed 2016 from the acquisition of the Dutch Prime Polymers by the French Fournier SAS and was complemented in 2019 by the takeover of parts of the Iberian Chemieuro Group.

The French company founded in 1972, with headquarters in Saint-Priest (Lyon), has branches in 9 countries in Europe and 3 in North Africa. Fournier’s more than 1,200 customers, most of whom have been with the company for a number of years, include plastics processors from a wide range of industries, such as automotive and packaging. “Our merger with Meraxis opens up whole new opportunities for growth together with our longstanding partners.” said Stéphane Fournier, CEO of Fournier. “Meraxis - like us - also has a strong focus on consulting and full-service support for its customers. So, we also complement each other in an excellent strategic way. We’re looking forward to our joint future in the Meraxis Group.” As a one-stop shop, Meraxis offers its customers not only materials, machines and tools, but also customized services - from technical advice on tool and material selection to the right application. This strategy will be jointly pursued with the acquisition of the Fournier Plastics Group, which is complementary in several respects, and its long-standing partners.

Nothing will change for Fournier’s customers and strategic partners as a result of the acquisition: “Our customers’ usual contacts will still be there for them,” emphasized Bruno Fournier, General Manager of Fournier, who will continue to manage Fournier's daily business. Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Meraxis Jobst Wagner sums up: “In integrating Fournier into the Meraxis Group, we are taking a very prudent approach as a family-owned company and want to bring together the best of both worlds. We look forward to working with Fournier to further expand our leading position as an innovative player in the plastics market.”

The closing of the transaction is still subject to antitrust reviews and is scheduled for the end of 2022.

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Meraxis kauft französische Fournier Plastics Group

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Meraxis buys French Fournier Plastics Group

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Meraxis rachete le groupe français Fournier Plastics

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