Eco Intelligence: digital is becoming sustainable

Dyed, heated, molded, used, discarded, recovered - a recycled material has already been through a lot. The resulting changes in properties make it difficult for plastic converters to choose. We make it easier for our customers: while processors would otherwise order different samples from several suppliers and try them out to find the right material, we support Meraxis customers with our know-how. And digital solutions: Because with the help of experience and material data, processors can make faster, better and, above all, more sustainable decisions. In the "Meraxis Elevator," our innovation network for digital solutions, we have developed the "Material Recommendation System," for example.

Algorithm for material recommendations

In order for our sales department to be able to suggest a suitable recycling material right from the start, the product, the type of processing and, if possible, the desired chemical and mechanical properties are already entered in the tool. For example, information on MFR, density, ash content or even color can be entered. The result is an individual material recommendation based on an intelligent algorithm. The properties of different raw materials are compared with each other. Optics, haptics, and chemical and mechanical parameters play just as important a role as price. The key to an optimal recommendation is the compilation and analysis of the relevant data: Our Material Recommendation System takes into account both benchmark and experience data and learns with each use case. So the results become more and more accurate. It is true that precise testing and initial sampling are usually still required. But the better the data basis, the faster the right material is found and the machine is optimally configured for processing. This enables our sales department to find the right material for the respective customer application more quickly.

Transparent carbon footprint in the Meraxis Customer Portal

Due to supply chain regulations in more and more European countries, but also due to OEMs' own specifications, for example in the automotive industry, a transparent CO2 footprint is becoming more and more important. Often, processors do not have enough data from suppliers and sub-suppliers. At Meraxis, we ensure transparency: in our digital customer portal, we have integrated a transparent display of the CO2 footprint for recyclates and primeware. This is possible thanks to the connection of certified CO2 databases that are continuously enriched with verifiable primary data.