Digital tracking of deliveries

Zwei Containerschiffe in einem Hafen

Lockdowns, extreme weather conditions and material shortages: supply chains have been under great strain in recent months – and will remain so for the time being. As an international distributor with years of experience in materials procurement and logistics, we’ve been able to offer our customers efficient solutions even in this situation. However, to respond even more effectively to supply chain difficulties, we’ll be relying on a digital early warning system going forward. A Track & Trace solution makes it possible to track deliveries via digital interfaces to all partners in the supply chain. Above all, this ensures the necessary transparency. Meraxis can see right away if there’s a problem at any point in the supply chain, can pass on this information and can take preventive countermeasures at short notice to avoid damage in the first place.

By means of «real-time tracking», the delivery route for an order can be tracked digitally. For example, telematics boxes in vehicles are used for this purpose, which automatically transmit the shipment data to Meraxis. Sea freight deliveries are tracked by their container number. The current position of the delivery is determined via GPS and forwarded to Meraxis and the customer in the form of milestone messages. This means that it is possible to know at any time whether the material will be delivered on time or whether delays are to be expected. For example, if a truck leaves the supplier with an order, the system recognizes this and automatically switches to the milestone “loaded”. The system also checks whether the agreed deadline can be met. If there is a delay, Meraxis automatically receives an alarm. The shipment data, such as delivery quantities or delivery dates, can be viewed by everyone in real time at any time.

In the future, all data will also be available in bundled form via the Meraxis customer portal. These delivery updates will give our customers a competitive advantage by providing them with all the relevant information they need. In this way, we will increase the reliability of our delivery information and always keep customers up to date.

With these kinds of digital solutions, we will be creating a «connected supply chain». This includes transparent supply chains, efficient data and document exchange, and simplified sales, procurement and logistics processes. This allows our customers to focus even more on their core business.