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Shajeethra Tha­mo­tha­ram­pillai, Strategic Buyer Au­to­mo­tive

Shajeethra Tha­mo­tha­ram­pillai works for us and has been a strategic buyer in the automotive department at Meraxis since last summer. In this interview, she talks about the professional experience she has already gained, how she came to Meraxis, and what has changed for her since then.

14th April 2022

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Hi Shajeethra, would you like to introduce yourself briefly?

Sure, happy to! I am Shajeethra Tha­mo­tha­ram­pillai, 32 years old and work at Meraxis as a strategic buyer in the automotive division. In my spare time, I photograph everything that comes in front of my lens - especially landscapes and portraits are my favorite subjects. I also have a private online business where I sell jewelry and clothing from my home.

Tell us about your professional journey so far. What have you done so far and how did you come to Meraxis?

I came to Meraxis via the Rehau Group. After my commercial apprenticeship in another company and a few years in the export business, I had to start looking for a job because my apprentice company at the time was acquired by them. Fortunately for me, I quickly found a new job at Rehau. I started there in October 2011 in logistics as an operational buyer. At first, my job was to look after the European suppliers and plants. The many visits to the Rehau car plants and the supplier production plant visits are among the highlights of my scheduling career.

A few years later, I became the central contact person for the USA. Needless to say, it was a real highlight in my younger years to be able to travel overseas on business.

During the entire time, i.e. between 2011 and 2021, I did further training as a strategic buyer alongside my work. And that's how it came about that I moved to Meraxis within the Rehau family in August 2021 and now work in strategic purchasing automotive.

How did you experience the change and the induction?

At first, it was of course a completely new job for me to switch from the operational to the strategic part. However, I already knew many colleagues from the Rehau family. That made the start very pleasant. But even apart from that, the early days were exciting because I was able to learn so many new things. I'm still doing that with great pleasure, by the way.

Like everyone else who joins the Meraxis team, I received an induction plan including e-learning modules in the early days. That helped a lot, of course. Otherwise, nothing beats everyday "learning by doing". Even if the theory is there, you still have to learn most things in practice. I also have a great mentor: I really learn everything I need to know from him and much more. That's a huge support.

Of course, a lot of things are new when you start out, but surely your previous experience still benefits you today?

Yes, definitely. Among other things, I buy parts for customers in the U.S. and know the environment very well. In addition, my experience helps me to identify potential difficulties early on and address them proactively - not just when they already occur. You can do certain things today that will make life easier for us later. In our team, everyone contributes their experience and know-how, which always helps us in our day-to-day work.

What does a typical working day look like for you and what makes your job particularly exciting for you?

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There is no such thing as a typical working day. I have my fixed meetings, but apart from that, no two days are the same. And that's exactly what I like. That's why I learn so much. With all the challenges that have become part of everyday life, especially since the start of the Corona pandemic - be it the semiconductor crisis or container shortages - every day has its surprises. I enjoy thinking about how to overcome these challenges. It's about finding solutions.

Do you have a particular recipe for such challenges?

There is no standard solution, but a cool head and a strategic approach are fundamentally helpful. So are transparency and a good network: We always have to take into account all the information and sources that are available to us. We also have strong partners and suppliers behind us. So we actually know in every situation where we can buy best.

In the end, it's teamwork: If all departments pull together and communicate with each other, we manage to procure everything that is needed, even under difficult market conditions.

What makes the Meraxis team stand out for you?

Actually, it's exactly the collaboration I just described! Communication is relaxed, uncomplicated and therefore efficient - especially since we have established a culture of first names. So you absolutely don't have to be afraid to ask questions, because people at Meraxis are very open and respectful with each other. I appreciate that very much. I am really very happy to be part of the Meraxis family.

How would you explain your job to a child?

I don't work alone - we're a great team and we make sure there are enough parts to build cool cars together.

Thanks a lot, Shajeethra!

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