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Jan Kassing, Senior Project Manager

Jan Kassing is working as Senior Project Manager at Meraxis since spring 2022. In this interview, he talks about why he chose Meraxis – and how he manages to balance family and studies alongside his full-time job.

11th August 2022

Hello Jan, would you briefly like to introduce yourself?

With pleasure! My name is Jan Kassing, 32 years young, I am married and have two children. In my free time, I do as much sports as possible and love to cook — even if my homemade pasta is of little interest to the kids.

How did you get involved with Meraxis?

I joined the Meraxis team in March 2022 as a Senior Project Manager. Before that, I was working for the sister company REHAU for a long time and spent most of my time there working as a category manager and purchasing electronic bought-in parts. I then wanted to develop my career. When I saw the job posting from Meraxis, it immediately appealed to me.

What kind of job is this exactly?

On the one hand, I am responsible for my material group. On the other hand, I keep an eye out for potential customer groups and help shape our strategy. I then talk to potential customers and, together with our team, work out what the best solution is for which case. The main point is to identify what is needed and how we can procure this product quickly and cost-effectively. I then put that down on paper and we turn it into a strategy.

How was the job change and the training for you?

My start at Meraxis was great. I had a top-notch training period during which I was able to get to know every division. I could get a taste of what my colleagues actually do there every day. That helped me get to know the team better and understand the big picture. It helped a lot that every division head took the time to do this. I really appreciate that.

And even today, the flow of information is still great. Not only does it make work easier, but you also learn a lot from your colleagues. We exchange ideas. It's a give and take. Of course, I'm always happy when I can give something back. I really like this team spirit. This is also reflected in the flat hierarchies: you're very well connected, including management and the board of directors.

And what do you find particularly exciting about your work?

It is exciting to always think outside the box and consider what new solutions we can offer. And what new industries we can address with them that we perhaps didn't even have on our radar before.

In my job, I'm also always traveling a lot at a national and international level, to suppliers or customers.  I particularly like this variety and the fact that no two days are the same.

Are these also the reasons why you chose Meraxis?

Among others. Actually, I was already convinced by Meraxis after the first talks with the people in charge. I quickly realized that I could make good use of my previous professional experience here. For me, however, the decisive factor was that I would have the opportunity to develop further. Many companies promise that, but at Meraxis it really is the case.

What do these development opportunities look like for you specifically?

In principle, I can organize my day according to my own schedule — that is, when I don't have any fixed meetings. For example, I prepare customer meetings as I see fit. Of course, that gives me room to pursue my own and new approaches. I work in the way that I am most productive. Moreover, I can currently still study alongside my work. 

What are you studying?

Business Administration. I've already started in 2019 and am doing it alongside work, which is also working out well. Now, it's just three more courses and then the bachelor's thesis.

Balancing family, work and studies is a pretty impressive accomplishment!

Thank you. Despite all the challenges, I try to have a good work-life balance, which I usually manage very well. Especially as a father of two, that's one of the things you have to look out for when choosing a job. I really enjoy being in the office and attending important meetings at our main site in Switzerland. At the same time, it's a big advantage for me that we can basically work regardless of location. Working from home offers me the flexibility I need. It also gives me enough time for my family, my hobbies and for myself — despite the demanding and interesting job at Meraxis.

Is there a secret recipe for this? What would you tell your younger self, for example?

Use your time wisely! Even if this may sound pathetic. Of course, as a young person you can treat yourself with a weekend with just sports and time with friends. This is also part of your development. What is decisive, is the allocation of time. If you develop good time management skills when you're young, you'll soon realize how much you can juggle.

Thank you, Jan!